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Our Approach

We utilize fixed fees in order to align our collective interests and deliver the best possible experience for our clients. Too many times we’ve heard about people who do not want to call their lawyers with a question because of skyrocketing hourly fees, or feel that their lawyers are overcomplicating issues to increase total fees, or are unable to budget for legal fees, or are shocked at the amount of a final legal bill.

At Eskow Law Group, you won’t experience any of these frustrations. With our transparent fixed fees, there are no hidden costs and you’ll know during our very first call what the final bill is going to look like.


Do you only use fixed fees?

The majority of our work is done on fixed fees because it is more advantageous for you.  However, if you prefer an hourly billing model or your project isn’t suitable for a fixed fee, we do make exceptions.


How do you determine your fixed fees?

Our standard fixed fees are based on years of experience and are intentionally set at the middle of the market.  In doing so, our objective is to be affordable to everyone while recognizing the unique value we bring to the table given our market knowledge and expertise.


How will I know what the fixed fee is?

We’ll be able to tell you on our initial introductory call as soon as we learn what you are aiming to accomplish.  In the event you decide to work with us, the fixed fee will then be set out in writing in the formal Engagement Letter.

Will I pay a higher fixed fee if I get you involved earlier in the process?

No.  We want to encourage you to work with us as soon as you know you might need a lawyer.  We’ve found that our clients who engage us early in the process typically have a smoother and more successful outcome.


Will I be responsible for any additional fees in addition to the fixed fee?

The only additional fees you will ever be responsible for in addition to the fixed fee are ancillary third-party expenses (i.e. state filing fees, shipping, etc.) that are paid by us on your behalf while your matter is in process.


Do you require a retainer or other advance payment?

We typically do not require any retainer or other advance payment.  We trust our clients.  How can we ask you (as our client) to trust us, if we aren’t willing to trust you back?


How often do you bill?

We typically send only one bill – at the end of a matter (i.e. once a deal closes or final documents are signed).  


What happens if my deal (or other project) falls apart before completion?

Your fixed fee will be adjusted proportionately based on the amount of work done at that time in relation to the amount of work that would have needed to be done in order for your matter to be completed.  Practically, we will get on the phone to discuss and agree on the prorated fee before you are sent a bill.

How can I pay my bill?

We accept check or wire transfer.  Unfortunately, we do not accept payment by credit card.

Do you offer payment plans?

In the event of financial hardship, we are willing to occasionally allow clients to pay fixed fees in installments as opposed to a single lump sum.  Inability to pay should not be a reason not to work with us.  

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